Thursday, 19 January 2012


Slight spanner in the works. In the form of suspected gallstones. I've been having on and off abdominal pain for a while now. A couple of times the pain has been the sort that has you on the floor whimpering. Finally took myself to the GP. Gallstones are number one candidate. Waiting for a scan to confirm. If confirmed, possible that me and my gall bladder will part company.

Despite this I'm still making progress. Being poorly means I've missed a couple of training runs, but, my running is now at the 5 mile mark. I've also missed 2 sessions of training at nogymrequired, but I'm still enjoying that, and definitely feeling the benefit. Yoga has started up again and I'm enjoying getting a really good stretch out once a week. I've also had the bike out for the first pedal of the year. 

On balance. More good than bad!


simondbarnes said...

Oh, that doesn't sound very good :(
Hope you get sorted out soon.

Glad there's still plenty of good stuff happening at the moment!

kate said...

very impressed with your attitude, keep grabbing the moments when you can, don't let the gall beat you :)

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Ditto what Kate said.
Can you email me please your diet? V impressed with the 8 pounds lost too. X said...

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