Thursday, 12 January 2012

Minus 3

Oh yes! 3lb gone in my first week of nogymrequired training. And most importantly, as my body fat % is less, I know it's 3lbs of useless fat that's gone. I had to actually cinch my belt a bit tighter this morning. The training is working and the good thing is I'm really enjoying it. It's 30-60 minute sessions, so it's no great trauma fitting it in and the atmosphere at sessions is really encouraging, both from Helen (the trainer) and other participants. I like going. And, I like the results I'm seeing.

I think feeling so positive about my general fitness is having a really good knock on effect to my running. I'm still only at 3 x 3 milers a week (starts upping from this weekend), but I'm mentally in the right place to pull on my trainers and get out the door and only do what the plan says. No being silly.

Running definitely keeps me sane and makes me more productive in other areas of my life. Consequently I'm feeling really good about my studio work and feel like some opportunities are opening up.

12 days into the New Year and so far so good!

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starfish264 said...

Hooorah! I love a good positive feeling! It's weird following a training plan to the letter too isn't it? I'm terrified about what comes later in the plan (hello runs longer than I've ever done before), but I still get to the end of my current runs thinking "well, I *could* go a little further" - like you - I'm sticking with the plan though. no messing. :o)