Friday, 6 January 2012

Drawing a line

Hmmm, how have I not blogged since November. I am such a slacker. I think all in I'm drawing a line under 2011. It feels like I spent more of the year injured than not. Running the HPM was literally the high peak of the year. It seems like I never really recovered. With being injured came lot of self pity and moping about and finding solace in biscuits. None of which helped.

But, New Year. New start. Head definitely in the right place. I've entered the 2012 FoD half marathon on April 1st. I'm starting my running as if a beginner, building the miles up very slowly. The first few 3 mile runs have gone ok. I'm hoping this slow and steady approach will keep injury away. The other tactic is to actually work on my strength. I've known for a while that my core strength isn't as sparkly as it could be. It really took a visit to Mills Physio to properly bring home to me how much better a runner I could be with a bit strength work added to the mix. It was also pointed out to me that my gluteus was far from maximus. The gym never seems to work for me, too boring and yoga helps but doesn't do enough. So, I've bitten the bullet and signed up on a training plan at No Gym Required. The bonus of making some muscle is I'll also lose some fat, needed after the huge biscuit consumption of 2011. Have been for 3 sessions so far. Hard! But, good. Really made me work. Got a nutrition plan to follow for the month too. So far, so good. More updates to come. Just need to find a bit of time for the odd pedal out too and everything will be dandy.

So, that's me back blogging, and really looking forward to getting fit again in 2012. Happy New Year!


simondbarnes said...

Sounds like you have some solid plans in place and are being sensible. All good.
I've been neglecting my stretching recently but will get back on it tomorrow along with a return to commuting. Should probably add some core stuff in too!

kate said...

positive posts are the best! here's to hill fun in 2012 :)