Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Wowzers! I am very overdue an update.

So, the gallbladder removal went mostly ok. A small complication of a few escaped stones into the common bile duct. The surgeons did all they could to retrieve the pesky buggers, cut out and clipped a bit more duct than they anticipated and have left me with the possibility of a remaining stone. To have guaranteed getting every last stone they would have had to abandon the keyhole procedure and open me right up. I'm glad they opted against that. Of course it means I may have further trouble and need a second procedure, but that would most likely be laparoscopic. I have a list of symptoms to keep an eye out for.

Surgery took place on March 14th. I was back on a bike on March 28th. VERY gently and only a mile or so. April 1st saw the start of 30 Days of Biking. And I managed that. Some of the rides were incredibly short. But it seemed a good way to start getting some fitness back. End of April saw me start running again. That's been a bit sporadic, longest run so far has been 13 miles, which was quite hurty. It's Saunders in 2 weeks time and I reckon I'll get round. Having a race partner who is recovering from a broken foot has taken the pressure off needing to be fast, so that's helped.

I started training with a PT from May 1st. Helen whose Boot Camp sessions I did back in January agreed to take me on as a client. Two sessions a week with her, guidance on sessions to do by myself and lots of dietary pointers. I've ditched something like 14lb and 5% body fat. I've never felt stronger.

Tomorrow sees me doing an ONRAMP session at 3D Crossfit in Manchester. I'm nervous. But in a good way, feel the fear and do it anyway! A new thing to try. Maybe I'll even blog about it!

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