Thursday, 17 March 2011


It's been a while since I did a Wednesday night headtorch club run. But, I made it out last night. A nice 4.5 miles. Pushed myself a bit to keep up with the lads, surprised how good I felt, the legs seem to be over the HPM. I actually felt quite fit.

Got my eyes on the Fling now. Need to keep the mileage high enough to know I can get round, but steady enough to avoid injury. A couple of things coming up before then though, doing the Two Crosses LDWA event this weekend and the Forest of Dean half marathon the weekend after. I'm glad I've entered these as they've made me have to keep going after the HPM, would have been too easy to just slip into a post event slump without having something to focus on.

The Old County Tops and The Fellsman have both been mentioned. Far too early to be thinking 2012, but they're not on the cards for this year.........


Pink Orange 5 said...

"I actually felt quite fit"
Thats cos you are quite fit ;-)

jumbly said...

PO5 - yeah, but you know what I mean, sometimes a Wednesday night run with the lads leaves me feeling like I never get any fitter.