Monday, 21 March 2011

Two Crosses 2011

Yesterday was the Two Crosses LDWA event. I did this last year in lovely sunshine, this year was a lot of mist and perma-drizzle. I ran again with Michele and we were joined this year by Janet (this was Janet's longest ever run). Finished about five minutes quicker this year than last, but my Garmin shows I ran a mile less this year, we did pick a meandery detour up one of the hills last year though.

A good route, really well organised by the LDWA, super friendly, tonnes of food at the feed stop. I really enjoyed all but the last 4 miles, which were mostly downhill, my left knee was decidedly unhappy. Janet had a brilliant run out and her planned marathon for later in the year is looking like it will present no problems at all. Thanks to Michele for getting us round and not getting us lost in the fog.


trio said...

It was a bit drizzly on sunday. Well done on another long run you nutter!

kate said...

good stuff mate, looks like you're in full recovery mode from hpm. how's the knee?

KatieCake said...

Yuck! That weather looks miserable!
Well done on getting out there and completing yet another impressive run.