Thursday, 3 June 2010

Run, fettle, pedal

Ran 5.8 miles with run club last night. First time I've been out with the club for ages. 6.8 this morning with Carolyn around Rivi. Both runs were hot. And I found it harder going than I'd have liked despite having water with me.

The afternoon has been spent finishing fettling, I have a comedy singlespeed bike assembled, held together in part with cable ties. It'll get a test pedal out later to get me to Rivi and back. I'm helping out at the Hendersons End fell race this eve. If you're local and at a loose end, come along and race.


Red Bike said...

Zip ties doesn't sound good. What bits are you missing?

trio said...

Did the brakes work?

Every bike should be held together with zip ties and duck tape!

Glad you are riding singlespeed again!