Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Gosh, I've been a blogging slacker just lately. A random round up.

Newton dog is doing really well, he went for a weigh in, he's lost 3.5kg since we got him, got a way to go yet but is noticeably healthier. He's managed to be partially involved in Glyn breaking his laptop, took a while for him to be forgiven. We took both dogs over to the Labrador rescue center on Sunday for a bit of a get together. 20 or so labs running round a big garden together was ace. I had my instructions before we left the house, we were going out with 2 dogs and were to only come back with 2!

Friends came up to visit for the long weekend, was lovely, food, drink, walking, chatting. Nice.

June is officially healthy eating month in our house, while dogs are reducing, humans are expanding! It'll be all about the salad.

I've performed some further fiasco fettling on my bikes in some sort of attempt to get a singlespeed mountain bike back in action. Brakes are my nemesis, if only stopping weren't so important.

That's it really. Will get back into post regularly.


Red Bike said...

I've given up trying to fix the brakes on my mtb. I've decided to just leave it fixed wheel so i dont have to buy a new brake handle or fix my freehub

trio said...

Can I join healthy eating month as well? I seem to be expanding and I can't do anymore exercise so it must be food!

Great news on Newt you must be so proud!

Julbags said...

Slacker here too! Blogging and other stuff actually..healthy eating in June for me too (and a return to running, no really!)

Well done Newton (and humans).