Saturday, 5 June 2010


Yesterday saw me take a little trip down the M1. There was an afternoon of very pedally mostly singletrack riding with Kate. My first mountain bike ride for a while, and my first on a singlespeed for a very long time. It was ace, reminded me that I do like riding off-road and once I can get my head in the right place, it's not so scary either.

An evening of eating, drinking and chatting WHW race with Kate and Jane. This being the actual purpose of the visit. Maps and spreadsheets and plans. We'll be like a well oiled machine!

And, just to pack as much as possible into my jaunt South, this morning Jane and I had bit of a run round White Peak with a map in hand. Not too hilly, but not too fast, it was hot!

A bite to eat and a few cups of tea with the O-P's and then a twisty, hilly drive home for me.

All that and there's still a bit of weekend left to enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the brooks on the ss.
I got to spend some time in the peaks too. The sun really does make all the difference - so lovely!


trio said...

Singlespeeding, I approve ;-)

kate said...

thanks for popping over. really helped me start to feel a bit more positive about the whole thing that we don't talk about ;)

KatieCake said...

Sounds like a fun day. =D
For a while I too forgot how much fun riding off-raod is. Like you said though, it's ACE. ;)

Jane said...

Lovely to see you, looking forward to our 24 hours on the A82 together. We'll have some pretty finely honed Saunders strategy by the end of that!