Tuesday, 27 April 2010

On hold

Blogging has been on hold just lately due to the arrival of Newton. Latest addition to the family, in the form of a humungous chocolate labrador. He's a rescue and he's got a lot of weight to lose. He's doing OK so far, loves going out for walks and doesn't seem to mind being on reduced rations too much. Flipper is slowly warming up to him.

The timing of the new arrival in typical planet jumble fashion has been far from ideal. Glyn is super busy, I was also scheduled for a few days away with family. It's all been a blur of dog, bags packing and unpacking, vet visits, accountants, business meetings, a bit more dog, motorway miles etc. It's been a hectic 10 or so days, but strangely fun and rewarding.

Training and any sort of marathon preparation has all also been on hold and I'm having a bit of a waver as to how ready I feel. My taper plan seems to have been abandoned. I have yet to arrange pre and post race accommodation, which now has to include 2 dogs. I'm very close to thinking this just isn't the right time and look for another marathon to run a bit later in the summer, when everything else is sorted and the only thing in my head is the need to run 26 miles.


trio said...

Yes I suppose needing accomdation for you and two dogs makes it harder. Don't give up yet. If you don't find somewhere don't worry though I am sure you could find a local marathon!

He looks lovely! Glad he not minding reduced rations. So him and flipper don't try and eat each others food?

Red Bike said...

For some reason I thought you were doing the London Marathon.

I would love to have a job that allows me to have a dog again.

Julbags said...

Bet there are lots of LDWA events to have a tilt at later if you decide now is not the time. Though I personally wouldn't fancy a summer mara in case there was a repeat of being deep fried as at Edinburgh!

I did think about entering the Dublin marathon last year (November in Ireland, bound to be cold) when my sub 4 slipped through my fingers at Edinburgh but after a while I realised achieving sub 4 didn't mean enough to me to train for another road marathon!

Julbags said...

Oh and Newton's lovely, chocolate labs are gorgeous! Something very sad about seeing a very overweight dog, seems very wrong somehow so hope his doggy diet goes well!

jumbly said...

trio - I wouldn't want to leave them in a room unsupervised with food just yet, but so far so good with no fighting over the meagre rations!

red - No, London not for me.

Julbags - a LDWA event might be just the thing. I hadn't really thought about running in the heat either, so thanks for mentioning it, might influence my decision. Newton is on the way to being as healthy and happy as Flipper, we don't like fat dogs either, so he won't be staying like it!

kate said...

you've certainly been busy! hello newton :)

not that i'm in any position to give advice but.....i say stick with it. you've done the important big runs. and done them well. you've banged out a decent half time too. the race you've chosen looks like a brilliant route with stunning scenery. could camping be an option?

however, it's meant to be fun (apparently ;) so, if you decide to wait for another, then that's all good too :)

....the word verification is 'dogica'!!!

jumbly said...

kate - it's all made extra tricky by the fact its the Bank Holiday weekend. Camping might be an option. I don't know why I didn't look for anywhere to stay sooner anyway, I just sort of thought it'd sort itself out! I'm such an idiot!

kate said...

...i turned up at the premier inn last friday thinking i had booked a room. they had no reservation for me! luckily one a bit further down the road had one room left. nothing like a bit of pre race excitement!!! (jane has taken over whw accommodation, don't worry!)

i'd forgotten it was a bank holiday. make a holiday of it and go self catering. more likely dog friendly. good luck

Emma said...

Newton's lovely :-) I'm sure he'll soon be as fit as a fiddle!

Good luck with the mara and the accommodation, sometimes these last minute hurdles we set ourselves to vault make the event itself seem a lot less daunting!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

awww well cute!

Pink Orange 5 said...

He is lovely. I think Lucy would be scapping with himfor food, she DOES notice when her rations are reduced !!
Good luck with the Marathon x