Sunday, 18 April 2010

10 miler

10 miler
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Just in case anybody was under the impression that all that was involved in marathon training was some lolling about in the garden in the sunshine. Today also included a steady couple of hours running. 2 weeks until race day. Feeling OK about it.


kate said...

haha! glad you got a run in the sun but remember as per polarcherry, gardening IS cross training ;)

trio said...

I think I would prefer the lying round in the garden part of the training!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

thats the biggest watch i've ever seen.

jumbly said...

kate - Good point well made. Gardening is cross training!

trio - gotta take the rough with the smooth

PP - I'd like to try and pretend it's some super bling watch, this seasons must have. But, it's a Garmin GPS thingy, it pleases my inner geek to know how far and fast etc the run or ride was.

Red Bike said...

Hurry up Jumbly. I NEED to know how you got on!