Monday, 9 November 2009

Like a bear

with a sore head. That's how I've been. No riding, no running. After a few days it's getting to me. Glyn has obviously had to deal with most of it and has been yelled at several times for no reason, good thing he loves me.

Trio and another friend are road riding today, I had to decline, my back just couldn't cope with 40 miles in the saddle, but I did decide to see if it would tolerate a little jog. A very slow 2 miles on the canal tow path. I had to really make myself turn round at the mid-point. I did all my stretches when I got back. It hurt, but maybe not as much as I expected. More physio tomorrow. It better sort itself out I've got plans, and they don't include being broken.


KatieCake said...

:( I feel your pain! I was mortified in September when I couldn't ride for 2 weeks. I too was like a bear with a very grumpy head.

I found chocolate and cake helped immensely ... in moderation, of course! ;)

Anyway, hope your back eases off soon and that your Physio helps. Take it easy.

trio said...


Hopefully it will be better for next week!!!

Ali will feel sorry for Glyn, she knows what that feels like!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

will yoga and climbing be ok if you are gentle?

get well soon x

Jane said...

What a bugger, get well soon. Shall I send Glyn some info on Carer's support ;)

Red Bike said...

Sorry to hear you're still under the weather. Take things easy for a while and i'm sure you'll back stronger than ever

kate said...

rubbish :( keep at the stretching, it is making a difference even if it doesn't feel like it. fingers crossed for 'good pain' at the hands of the physio