Saturday, 19 September 2009

Rivington Half

Today was the Saab/Salomon Trail half marathon at Rivington. Kate and Jane came up to race it, both seeming as apprehensive as me when we met up before the start. The 3 of us set off together but Kate pulled away (cartwheeling) at the 3 mile mark. I was going really well, announcing to Jane at the 8 mile marker that I felt really good and not at all like I'd run a long way. By 9.5 miles I was slowing a bit and feeling my knee. By 11 miles I was stiffening up and Jane started to drop me, I had to have a bit of a walk for about half a mile, trying to do really long strides to loosen my legs. Determination got me going again for the last mile and a bit. With the finish line in sight I felt compelled to try and overtake an older man who had just come past me, next thing I was eating dust, spread-eagled on the deck. Two old men picking me up and telling me to be careful was not quite a final sprint to glory but I crossed the line in a respectable 2hrs 20mins and 11 seconds.

Glyn and Flipper were at the finish to greet me as were Trio and Ali who had popped up at various points on the course to cheer and take photos, quickly found Kate and Jane who'd also managed to locate fellow racer Julbags. A quick bit of chat, a change into proper clothes and we all hit the pub for a big feed and a few drinks.

The race was really well organised, well marked and marshalled, lots of water and the best post-race goody bag I've ever had, well worth the entry fee, I'd do another Saab/Salomon event that's for sure.

A seriously good Saturday!


Red Bike said...

Well done Jumbly!!!!

I would have needed carrying from a long long way before the finish.

kate said...

good work jumbly, a really consistent run, plus a spectacular fall. or so i hear ;)

Jane said...

Next time just don't fall over and you can make 2:20 !

It was a brilliant race, and isn't finishing in the middle of the pack ace. (results look even better when you filter for just the ladies times)

Groover said...

Congratulations. You guys seem to know how to have fun and be competitive at the same time. :-)

Red Bike said...

I hope you're not feeling too sore today!