Sunday, 20 September 2009


I was all for a day on the sofa, but Glyn wanted to do something, the seaside was discussed, but in the end we opted for a nose round Hoghton Tower. I was especially pleased to discover it was hosting a farmers market. A few essentials and a few treats on offer, cakes and frothy beverages, just what the post-race body needed.


Red Bike said...

I love the way Recovery = Cakes.

I'm fancying a recovery day myself now. Do I have to do something worth while first or can I just take the recovery day because I feel like it?

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

mmm cake

jumbly said...

red - cakes are a very versatile product, good for both pre-anything carb loading and post-anything recovery. Having read your blog I think you need a rest day, get your feet up and eat some cake.

Polarcherry - it was a lemon meringue cupcake and it was delicious. mmmmm cake indeed!