Monday, 21 September 2009

Pre-rab kit fiddle

I was meant to be riding the coast to coast next week, off-road, through Scotland, but unforeseen circumstances have led to the trip being cancelled. The vacuum in my adventure calendar didn't last long though as via a complicated set of swappings I am now teamed up with Jane to do the Rab mountain marathon next weekend. This is fab news as it allows me to indulge my inner gear freak, get the scales out and weigh stuff and tetris-like pack a tiny rucksack, to then unpack it and try again (currently 5kg with no food or water but all the tent and cooking stuff). It also provided me with an excuse to go shoe shopping. My inov-8 mudclaws are great for shorter races but they do start shredding away bits of my feet after a while, so I've made a quick dash up the M6 today to Kendal to Pete Bland's and bought some crosslights, oh, yes, new shoes, the week before a big race, they'll need breaking in a bit, there goes my taper plan!


Red Bike said...

I have got to get you to pack my bag.

I think the 'kit' I end up taking to work weighes more than 5kg;
(And no I don't take a tent to work.)

Jane said...

Very exciting, I think this might be the best bit of mountain marathons. Shockingly Kate has only got as far as getting her bag out of the loft, she hasn't even started to think about counting her jelly babies or weighing her spork.

Red Bike said...

I hope Kate gets to pick what colour Jelly babies she wants to take!

jumbly said...

red - I learned all I know from jane!

jane - I know it's so exciting. I am like a giddy kipper!

kate said...

good choice ;)