Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A bit of a shuffle

I went to bed last night with every intention of getting up this morning to run and break the new shoes in. A bout of insomnia culminating in trip to Tesco at 0430 and a final return to sleep at about 0600 put pay to that. At 0900 I managed to scrape myself out of bed again feeling all fuzzy and headachey and like I had accidentally got someone else's eyeballs in. I Managed a huge one mile shuffle which my hamstrings did not particularly want to join in with. I gave up on it all as a bad idea and returned home. I would have gone back to bed for the rest of the day but I had to go to the parcel office and then on to a studio meeting. I still feel a bit fuzzy now, but you don't want to know about that, you just want the verdict on the shoes, nice, like running in slippers. They are very comfy, I suspect the grip will not be as good as my mudclaws on wet grass and mud, but I may survive the rab with my toenails which is always a bonus.


kate said...

sleep deprivation is excellent training/tapering ;)
...so we're both wearing 'one run' shoes, shall we start a toe nail book?

jumbly said...

I haven't slept much better all week, I think it's because I'm excited about the weekend!

I have good feelings about the crosslights being kind to the toenails. My 3 new nails are just about looking OK after the Saunders so I don't want to lose them again. My feet generally feel a bit tender though, I don't think my choice of shoe for last weekends half helped. My heels and soles feel a bit battered.