Thursday, 17 September 2009

The remembrance of things past

I made cakes today using my Nan's spoon. No weighing out of the flour, sugar or butter, all done by the spoonful, by eye, just how my Nan did many hundreds of times before me.


Red Bike said...

Did they taste the same?

Any going spare?

Jane said...

That's nice, I have my nan's bread knife which somehow isn't quite as romantic as a pudding spoon. There is something brilliant about having an object that was used so much by someone. How's the taper fail going?

jumbly said...

red - they were good, but I don't know that my nan would have actually approved of blueberry muffins, a bit too new fangled. Only 2 left!

Jane - I only acquired the spoon this summer and my nan died last summer. I've had a little tear in my eye every time I've used it so far. The tapering started in earnest yesterday, I took it to super taper levels by going back to bed for a bit!

kate said...

what a lovely idea

baking=uber taper!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

really sweet post.

i was baking last night too but anal ally measuring out everything to the last ounce.

I need a nan spoon :)

Jenn said...

I have my great-grandad's claw hammer. The (wooden handle) is worn and beautiful - it usually makes me cry when I use it too but that's because my aim is not very good ;o)