Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Broom wagon

Rode out to Waddington Fell with trio this morning to watch a quite hilly bit of Tour of Britain come past. I found myself reduced to a crawl for the last few miles before we met up with the pros and then some trouble with the cleats on my stupid disco shoes had me falling into a grass verge to wrestle myself free from my pedals. It would be an understatement to say I came over all tired and emotional, I managed to freewheel to the cafe in Waddington, where I had to telephone the broom wagon to come and get me. 40 miles, 4093ft of climbing following on from the excitement of Dave Gorman Day all just too much for this decidedly non-professional rider. If anybody wants me I'll be curled up under my duvet getting some rest.


trio said...

Great ride, sorry for nearly killing you, I'm sure it counts as a flat ride though!

Red Bike said...

Lol Jumbly.
I take it Trio took you the 'flat' route to Waddington I rode with her a year or so ago.

It was Trios first ride out using her Garmin to navigate. Unfortunately she's been using that Garmin to find hills ever since.

Julbags said...

I snuck out from work to see them whizz past but I only had a five mile flat round trip to cycle.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

kate said...

so, you'll be doing a century on sunday then as a recovery ride ;)