Thursday, 13 August 2009

A new personal worst

6 miles of difficulty. A new personal worst, finishing one before last. Too many old people to count overtook me, including Boris Karloff's doppelganger. I don't like racing.

Edit: I just checked the results now they're up online, 4 people finished behind me. So no longer a personal worst, that's about where I always finish. Racing - yeah, bloody love it!!


Julbags said...

Lol at Boris Karloff's doppelganger! You started the race so well done.

I've gone off racing too, thought I would want to do lots of short races over the summer but can't motivate myself to face the pain, at least you did!

Red Bike said...

Pfft, there's no pleasing some people.

I would of been over the moon to have made it around. I bet it was up some scarily BIG muddy bank!

Pink Orange 5 said...

What race was that?

jumbly said...

Juls - thanks for the encouragement, I've hardly done any running since Easter so racing was always going to be painful!

Red- there was a long climb up and then a ridiculously steep down.

PO5 - Pilgrim's Cross. It was over at Rawtenstall, one of their midweek series. On the club championship calender.

kate said...

race? i thought it was just a 'training run' ;)
...still got the points though?

Julbags said...

That's more like it, enthusiasm.