Tuesday, 11 August 2009

auf wiedersehen

Said goodbye to my campervan today. It was as troublesome in its leaving us to go to its new home as it was in the years we owned it. Nearly 4 hours to deliver it less than 10 miles along the A6. Some sanity saved by a portion of really yummy kerbside chips and a can of Vimto while we waited for the RAC. It did all cause me to have a beer and a little lay down this afternoon. Another "fun" vehicle is already lined up, it will no doubt feature here shortly.


Red Bike said...

I keep looking at motorhomes. Sadly with the prices some of them fetch I wont be upgrading from my tent any time soon!

Enjoy your new arrival.

kate said...

lol! but i am laughing with you, honest ;) can't wait to see your new vehicle-is it that mini snow buggy thing?!

...enjoy your run tonight :)

jumbly said...

red - yeah the price of big motorhomes is mental. VW type 2's and 25's can be picked up fairly cheap. Ours turned into an unreliable money pit so I'd hesitate to recommend one, but they are fun!

kate - it took me until quite late last night to see the funny side of it all! And, no it's not a snow buggy I'm getting.