Saturday, 20 June 2009

Arty things

Past week has been a bit stressful. Wednesday was the end of year show at Uni, a good turnout and it went really well. Thursday was the visit of the external examiner, definitely a source of anxiety, but that went well too. I will have some work on display at FY Creatives, Church St, Blackpool. The private view is Thursday 2nd July, 5-8pm, anybody in the area feel free to pop in. I will shortly have a website up and running with my work on it too. 


kate said...

congratulations! must be a relief for it to be over now, glad it went so well. when do you get 'official results'? and when can i put my order in for some twee pottery ;)

jumbly said...

Results some time at the end of the month I think. I've started making some work, it's more weird than twee though, so you'll have to wait!