Monday, 22 June 2009

Holiday hound

Holiday hound
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Bruce is on his annual visit while his humans are away. We are dividing our time between our place and his as we have a cat to look after too. We have not met the cat before, we have no cat care experience, we have seen a black cat 3 times in 3 days and have fed it huge quantities of cat food we have also seen a ginger cat, which we have not fed. I hope we are feeding the right moggy!

I escaped the menagerie this morning for a short, slow run. My duffer knee is feeling a bit duff. It is being taken to the physio on Wednesday, previous experience tells me one session as soon as it starts feeling a bit twingey gets the situation under control before it becomes a problem. With SLMM coming up in 2 weeks no way do I want an injury.


kate said...

feed them all and see how many ferral cats you can tame. and then leave as a gift for your friends.

fingers crossed for the knee

trio said...

Bruce still having height issues?

Pink Orange 5 said...

Aw he is sooo cute...The kind of dog that I'm sure my furry Lucy would hate. Hope Flipper copes with him ok.