Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunshiney run

Up early for a Sunday to meet a few others at Top Barn for 0830. A little bit cool for the first half hour but I was glad of shorts and t-shirt once it warmed up, seriously nice out there today. We set off towards Belmont then took in part of the Witton Weavers Way, and then onto Great Hill, from here we split as a group as Adrian was suffering with his knee so decided to drop down towards home. Three of us then took the route from Great Hill back over towards Winter Hill and Rivington part of which is boggy enough to almost swallow a runner and leave no trace! A cracking run in great weather, lots of fun, 12 miles total with 1626ft of climbing. 

One thing, more of a note to myself really, I only ate a Strudel flavour Mule Bar before going out and this worked much better for me than trying to properly eat. 240kcal in a bar seemed enough to keep me going and no feeling sick which seems to happen if I eat too close to running. I'm going to try it this way next time I race. 


Red Bike said...

Blimey. You're getting as bad as Kate for running up hundreds of steep hills.

kate said...

ace, sounds like the mojo has returned :)

have you tried a few jelly babies whilst running?

jumbly said...

I quite often take jelly beans out with me on the bike, maybe I'll try some of those while running. I'm not that keen on jelly babies.

kate said...

jelly beans, never thought of that... i couldn't run 12m on just an energy bar before hand, always have to have a little something