Saturday, 4 April 2009

Singing, ringing tree

Glyn wants to get fitter, I persuaded him into trainers and we ran a few sections our normal walking route with Flipper this morning. It's 2 miles, we're building up so he can comfortably run the whole distance then we'll be looking for longer morning routes. He did really well. It was double good because it was warm enough for me to run in shorts. A great way for us to start the day.

After some breakfast we went for an explore on the hills above Burnley to look for the Singing, Ringing Tree. It's one of the Lancashire Panopticons, and was mentioned in today's Guardian Secret Britain supplement as was Fitzpatricks Temperance Bar, so we stopped in Rawtenstall on the way back to have a look at that. Got some Cream Soda cordial. A nice deli was found for some lunch and a quick nose round the market also resulted in a bag of Thorntons mis-shapes, for £2, bargain! All in all, a pretty good Saturday.


Runningbear said...

Sounds like a perfect day, the sculpture looks amazing. We were reading about it in the paper today so you're great pic has inspired a visit.

Groover said...

What an interesting sculpture!

kate said...

only 1 thing in nottingham from that guardian's a pub..'pose i'll have to go ;)