Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Run, ride

Two miles with Glyn again this morning walking and running the trail near the house. Glyn was tired so found it a bit harder going than last time, but we're getting there, I'll make a runner of him by the summer. Home for some breakfast and I thought I'd nip on the Pompino for a quick ride. A closed road had me ending up somewhat unplanned in the middle of Bolton, I knew it wasn't going well when I found myself outside a Holiday Inn, I didn't even know Bolton had a Holday Inn? A bit of a wiggle round some dual carriageway and I found a familiar road to head back towards home. Nipping through Horwich, quite a lot of traffic and some roadworks all a bit sketchy and a fat bloke with no neck in a 4x4 trying to come out of a side road, I looked at him and shook my head, just to say "Don't come out, I'm going too fast, I won't stop in time, we'll collide" and he starts yelling at me from his window to "fuck off." I hate stuff like that, no idea which way he was planning to go but I mashed my way out of there as quick as. Home very rapidly along the A6, imaginary angry driver on my tail. Total of 21 miles, average speed 13.4mph, 1243ft of climbing. The sunshine it seems doesn't bring out the best in everyone!


Julbags said...

I was almost run off the road whilst running today, I really thought the guy hadn't seen me and wasn't going to stop. Its a very narrow, elevated (rapidly disintegrating) road with just about enough room for two cars to pass but not if a bike or pedestrian has the temerity to be on the road too. It seemed to take awhile for him to compute that there was a person on his side of the road and he best stop to let the other car through rather than ploughing into me.

I wasn't jumping over a fence into a big deep muddy puddle for him but he's in a car, its his tarmac. Must admit, I have always avoided running on that road for that reason. Shook me a little bit the cars travel so fast (I am guilty of it too), I resolve to be even more patient and courteous when passing people/cyclists on that road.

jumbly said...

Your near miss sounds scarier than mine, glad you're OK!

trio said...


When are we going to ride?

kate said...

keep it up glyn :)

Mrs Boyd said...

Would you be willing to post a bit about (or even enter) a new mountain bike race series to be held at Lee Quarry, Bacup.

More info can be found at http://www.brownbacksracing.co.uk.

Thanks in advance.

Groover said...

Why is it always the fat guy in a big 4x4? It's the same here. They seem to think that they own the road?

Fast ride!