Monday, 16 March 2009

On the mend

Flipper the dog is on the mend, a return trip to the vet to take her dressing off, the wound is healing nicely, the antibiotics seem to have kept anything nasty at bay and she's barely limping so she's looking good for a full recovery. 

I too am on the mend, the gastric bug that got me on my birthday only finally let up yesterday. I've lost 7lb in 6 days. I'll grant you I was looking to shift that last bit of Christmas fat that was still hanging around but it was a pretty brutal way to do it! I'm still feeling a bit wobbily round the edges but should be OK for a gentle run or a ride by tomorrow.


kate said...

pleased to hear it :)

Red Bike said...

Glad to hear Flippers back on the mend.

Groover said...

So we are both on the mend - or all three of us.

We would make a great team ... :-)

Pink Orange 5 said...

Aw glad Flipper is ok, they are tough.
No piggin out now then, no creme eggs, min eggs etc !!

jumbly said...

Haha no, now I've dropped the 7lbs I'll try and keep 'em off!