Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Not the best of days

I started feeling ill yesterday afternoon, a bit of feeling sick, was followed by some shivering while sweating. Put an end to my planned birthday beers that's for sure. I spent most of today hovering between bed and the bathroom as a stomach bug worked its way through. I started to feel human again just in time for Flipper to gash her leg so I could see the bone. Dashed her to the vet who took her straight in for surgery. We just collected her, she's still coming round from the sedative and looking a bit forlorn, I've taken the "lampshade" collar off while she's still sedated so she can be comfortable. The vet says she's cut the joint and we just have to wait and see and hope no permanent damage but she might end up being a bit lame on it. Poor Flipper. 


Julbags said...

Oh no, poor Flipper!!! Hope she perks up soon and doesn't need to keep the daft collar thing on. Its horrible seeing them injured and coming round from anaesthetic.

Fingers crossed the leg heals ok.

kate said...

rubbish :(
glad you're on the mend but poor flipper. how did that happen?

sarah said...

I think you need a birthday do-over next week when you are fully recovered and Flipper is healing. Wishing for the best in terms of that joint!

jumbly said...

We're not sure how it happened. She went with Glyn to work today and when he got back she was struggling to get out of the car and he noticed it then. He said he stopped with her at motorway services and she disappeared into bushes for a sniff so maybe broken glass. He said she just got back in the car at the services and wasn't whimpering or anything. She only did a bit of whimpering as we took her to the vet and she managed to wag her tail for the nurse! She's just such a good natured dog she'd need a leg hanging off before she made a fuss.

I think when she comes round the collar will have to go back on but she's still out for the count at the moment. Better to have her home though than stay in at the vets. The pet insurance is about to pay for itself too!

Red Bike said...

Poor poor flipper