Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Mile and a half

After procrastinating all day about everything I have to do, I snuck out literally as it was going dark, just to do a 1.5 miles. This was all I was planning to do, I just wanted to make sure the action of running didn't trigger anything off in my stomach. All seems fine, so run club tomorrow and the Peaks on Friday! Felt bad going out without Flipper though, but her leg has to heal a bit more before she can come running, she isn't grasping the concept of resting her injury very well at all, barking at me most of today. 

Also, I had my first sports massage last night. Found a few tender spots but it felt good after. I'm going to aim for having one a month I think.


Julbags said...

Yay! Hopefully that's you sorted.

sarah said...

Poor Flipper! They don't understand 'taking it easy' do they. Glad you are ready for adventures again!

kate said...

so glad to hear that you're up and about. you certainly deserve a massage!