Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Waste of a day. An accident on the M6 meant it took me 90 minutes to do my 45 minute drive to Uni to get there for one tutorial to be cancelled and after a lot of hanging around waiting the other tutorial to be useless as the tutor forgot to bring in my corrected draft for me. This is crap because I have to hand in my dissertation on Tuesday having now had minimal feedback on my draft, other than a vague suggestion I have a lot to do move up a grade. The whole experience wiped me out and left me deciding to skip run club tonight. I think it'll be another day or two before I'm back on form after being ill, it's like I've got nothing in reserve. To top it all off Flipper has started limping on her bad leg, vet tomorrow looking likely for her. 


Julbags said...

I got stuck in that too, though I joined the M6 at 29 so I think it took me just over an hour to do my 30 minute commute. There was also a problem for me on the way home as a lorry decided to fall over (again) on a roundabout near my house so took me bloody ages to get home too. I managed to get to my ride in the end, late, though I was tempted to say sod it and have some wine.

Gastric problems like you had do take a while to properly get over, as you say your body has no reserves to draw on. Don't try to get into hard running/cycling again too soon as you'll leave yourself open to getting something else (voice of experience!).

Runningbear said...

Really sorry to hear you had such a crap day - the kind of day a good run or ride might help lift. Hope you're feeling better and Flipper is picking up today - have been feeling quite protective of her and her poorly paws in a surreal, remote blog follower type way. Best wishes that you both are back on top form soon. It would be good to send you some comforting Choco Softie treats, perhaps virtual ones will do :0)

jumbly said...

Julbags - I'm waiting until Sunday to do my first proper run, feeling a bit stir crazy, but don't want to risk making things worse.

Runningbear - Thanks for thinking of us, Flipper is on another round of antibiotics and some anti-inflammatories. I think she'll be fine if she can stop bouncing around on it. We could both do with getting out and flapping our ears in the breeze.