Thursday, 1 January 2009

walking and reading but not doing resolutions

Nice walk this morning over at White Coppice with Flipper. Good way to start the New Year, an idea shared by many others as there were loads of people out, lots of parents with kids, which is always nice to see and makes me think maybe we're not a nation of greasy, fat luffers. Spent the afternoon reading, Captain Scott's Journal, obviously know how it ends but it's interesting discovering how the whole tragic business unfolded. 

I'm not doing New Years resolutions because I never stick to them, the only thing approaching a resolution is a determination to remember to take my Garmin out on every run and ride to keep proper track of mileage this year. Planning some running and riding for the coming days so hopefully the year is off to a good start on the fitness front. 

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kate said...

i know what you mean about resolutions. last year my only resolution was to get a new job, which i did eventually-so now it's more of a tradition than a resolution! sounds like a lovely day though :)