Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Singlespeed ride today with Trio in bonkers inverted weather, we started out really cold and in fog, as we got higher it just got warmer and brighter. By the top of Winter Hill it was glorious. The Belmont descent wasn't too icy but our choice of route back over had a few hairy moments, tricky getting over the stone stile as it was very slippy (I let Trio struggle over first then handed her my bike). Belmont Old Rd had some big patches of ice one of which managed to yoink Trio's wheels from under her, she performed a very elegant 3 points of contact smack down, too much laughter to get the camera out. Got a really good view here of the fog/low cloud sitting below us. Dropping down the Chinese gardens it got really cold again and visibility much reduced. Lower Barn for sarnie and a cake and then home. 20 miles, my longest singlespeed ride for ages, a really good end to the year. 


kate said...

what a brilliant last ride of the year! first singlespeed ride of the year.....are you and trio about on the 5th? fancy meeting up in the peaks?

jumbly said...

Technically it's the first day of term, but I'm known to skive off for a ride, oh and we have bathroom consultant coming that day too, who will probably be a bit of a greasy salesman so I'll have to see if Glyn feels brave enough to handle him solo!? I'll get back to you.

Frank said...

Just stumbled across this. Too much snow here in Utah to ride, but nice to see other folks still hittin' the trails! Happy New Year!
Ride One or Ride None!

trio said...

That picture doesn't show how much of a mess I made of that stile at all! It was a fab ride and glad the pic of the inversion came out, I'm goign to try carrying my camera somewhere warmer so I can get pics!

Now time for the first ride of the year!