Sunday, 21 December 2008

Mince pie run

Mince Pie Run with Lostock AC this morning. I ignored the alarm and rolled over deciding I was too tired to get up, 20 minutes before the run was due to start I knew I'd feel bad later for staying in bed so I got up, quickly got my kit together, shoved Flipper in the car and off we went. Our run club is reliably late for everything so I made it to Top Barn in plenty of time. From the barn, up to the Pike, over the bog to Two Lads. Mince Pies came out, Flipper did a lot of scrounging and scored a few crumbs. From here everyone except Adrian, Jason, his dog Jack, Flipper and me went back down to the barn. Adrian and Jason took me off so I could recce part of the Winter Hill fell race route. It was pretty windy on the top and there was plenty of mud, but I was so glad to be up there, despite hitting the deck twice when I got tangled in tussocks. I was a bit slower than normal, I think just the last bit of this cough still getting me, but we did 5.8 miles in total and I feel pretty good, maybe not lost as much fitness as I feared. Looking forward to the Haggis Run next week!


kate said...

sounds loads better than staying in bed! will you be eating cold haggis next week?

jumbly said...

I'm so glad I got up and went, it was lovely up on the hills today, Flipper was glad too that we went, although she's done nothing but sleep since we got back, she's spark out in her house now.

I haven't actually dared ask what the Haggis Run involves, I'm not sure I've got the stomach for cold haggis, luckily I know Flipper has so she can have my bit if I don't fancy it!

Lost Sheep said...

Sounds like you had a good run despite still suffering a little with your cough.

Cold haggis? Erm...rather Flipper than me!

sarah said...

Glad you're getting over the last of the cough now. I hope you get a pic of Flipper enjoying the cold haggis!!