Friday, 28 November 2008

Summit snack

Been a while since Flipper had a big walk and the weather today was perfect for it. So, we walked from home to Rivington Pike and back this morning, probably about 8 miles in total. I'm sure she's developed some kind of doggy generalised anxiety disorder, all the road sections were really hard work, it took 5 minutes to get her to walk past a cherry picker truck with two men replacing a street light bulb. She just lay down and wouldn't budge. All the off-lead trail scampering bits were great fun for her though, and she thought it was ace at the top when we had a snack. I love having a dog, even when it's naughty.


sarah said...

It's always fun to have a day out with the dogs. I wish I could take mine biking with me, but I think I would need a trailer for them to ride in ;) Great pic!

jumbly said...

I'd like to start trying Flipper again with the bike, we've had a few tries but she kept running across the front wheel. She might be a bit calmer now she's a bit older. Have to be a ride where I knew there'd be no road sections though.