Saturday, 29 November 2008


Flipper and I have been hiding upstairs most of the day as phase 2 of the dishwasher fitting has been happening in the kitchen. It was only temporarily wired in last weekend and a small plumbing error has been discovered during the week, so there has been quite a bit to do. I've been called upon to hold a ladder a few times, as the water supply in the loft has had to be poked at. I will wait until the all clear sounds and then offer much praise for a job well done and reward the worker with a hearty meal. 

Discovered Kirsty Hall artists blog today via a tweet from Tina-m, inspired me to get my sketchbook out so at least some of the hiding upstairs has been spent productively. The rest of the time has, of course been spent surfing t'internet.  


kate said...

your kitchen looks like it could be part of a tracey emin installation ;)

jumbly said...

That comment has really made Glyn laugh! And he hasn't been doing much of that today.

Kirsty Hall said...

Thanks for the link, I'm glad I inspired you to take out your sketchbook.