Saturday, 18 October 2008

Motodivas and mud.

A bit of internet searching this morning meant I ended up at buy-a-bike today (it's a local bike shop/warehouse place), where I finally managed to get some MTB shoes that fit and I like the look of (I've given up trying to find somewhere that stocks SIDIs and Glyn is getting sick of taking mail-order ones back to the post-office for me as each time I try they don't fit). I've gone for the '09 Specialized Motodivas, the ratchet release has been improved on from the '08 model and this was the main thing making me hesitant about the Spesh shoes when I looked before. By the time I'd done that I just couldn't face Manchester so the new bike still has no saddle, fortunately shops open on Sunday so I'l get that tomorrow and get the bike ridden! 

Nipped out for a muddy run this evening with Flipper just in time before dark. There was a dead fox floating in the canal which Flipper had to be prevented from investigating. We weaved about a bit on the trails and decided to come back along the river bank, cows have been in the field so it's really churned up, knee deep in gloop and maybe some of the mud wasn't mud! Glyn hosed the worst off me in the garden before letting me come in and I've had a good scrub in the tub, pretty sure I'm smelling OK now! 

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trio said...

Ali got her bike from buy-a-bike. I've been there a few times, good for trying stuff out as they are happy to just let you play at the back.