Friday, 17 October 2008

Bike build

Ages ago I ordered a Voodoo frame from Sideways, got Trev to get me some 650b wheels and Kirk Pacenti hooked me up with some nicely priced 650b forks. Then summer came with a lot of quite shitty personal stuff going on for me and somewhere in all that I lost interest in the project. As my mojo has been restored so has desire to build up my singlespeed 650b bike. I drove down to Sideways cycles today and Tim fitted me some ENO cranks and very kindly cut my fork steerer down for me as I lacked the necessary courage to do it myself! Home and the bike went up on the stand and all the other bits I had were added. I was just going to stick on an old saddle and pedals from the bits bin, but this bike is way too lush! Hopefully I'll pop into Manchester in the morning and pick up a black leather Brooks and some pedals and I'll be out riding by afternoon! 


kate said...

very nice! i have long lasting 'singlespeed project'. a frame and some bits. hope to get it finished in time for winter

Rich said...

White Industries rock.

trio said...

How exciting! What pedals are you going for? Black brooks saddle sounds nice!