Sunday, 19 October 2008

Random bits

Random bits of my day. Ordered the last few bits I need for the bike build from Chain Reaction rather than going into Manchester, just wasn't in the mood for the city. Baked some low fat muffins, taste OK but a strange texture, not very fluffy. Went to Tesco to buy Coca-Cola in glass bottles for taking photos of for my current Uni work. Answered email from my dissertation supervisor to arrange a meeting to give a more full account of what I want to do, this means I'll have to start engaging my brain. Ran 5.5 miles this evening, taking my total running miles for the week to 14.8, zero bike miles. I need to get my act together a bit more to fit in running, biking and school work or I'm gonna be in trouble!


trio said...

Still no geeky stats!

5.5miles, nice long run that, you'll have to change the picture on your blog to trainers as oppose to a bike ;)

So what it left to sort out on the singlespeed? It must be nearly ready to ride now.

jumbly said...

Just saddle and grips to sort. Be riding it soon!