Monday, 13 October 2008

2009 plans

It seems a bit weird to already be thinking about next year, I'm not one for wishing my time away that's for sure, but some plans are already forming for events, races and trips for next year. Tour of the Cairngorms happening end of April with 5 other girls. SSUK is a definite for June. I'd like to make it to Durango for SSWC, I'm not sure when it's on actually, hmmm step one might be finding out that date? Anyways, if I'm crossing the pond then I'm gonna try and make a bit of a jolly of it and do a bit of a multi-stop thing and see some other places. I'll have to get looking at a map of the States, my American geography is sucky, I had use Googlemaps to find out where Maryland is the other day when Twittering with Arsbars. I'd like to do the Lakeland Epic too. That's just the biking, on the running front I've got my eye on a couple of half-marathons and there is the Mountain Marathon idea, I'm waiting to hear from first choice possible partner if they think they're mad enough to sign up! Oh, and of course the not so small matter of finishing my degree and graduating! Better get training and working or none of it's gonna happen!


trio said...

It is scary that you have to start planning so early. I'm beginning to look at 2009 as well! At the moment its mainly road sportives as they have the dates up but there will be mountain bike events and maybe some running events as well. That tour of the cairngorms looks amazing! Should be great fun!

kate said...

glad i'm not the only one already booking weekends away for next year! those biking trips look ace.

trio-what sportive would you recommend for feb/march?

jumbly said...

A lot of life stuff got in the way for me this summer and I missed out on quite a few events. I think that's why I'm already looking ahead. I'm ridiculously excited about going to the Cairngorms!

trio said...

At the moment there isn't much about, that is quite early for a sportive. There is a start of a 2009 calendar here
I did the cheshire cat last year, which is in march,
but not sure if I would do it again, getting lost wasn't fun! But it was a good route!

They tend to get going about May/June for the hard ones. What sort of distance do you want to attempt?

Jennifer said...

Not related to this post, but thanks for pointing out your blog! Added to the roll :o)

Do you find many people twitter in the UK? You're the only UK twitterer I've come across! In ref to that, have you seen this:


jumbly said...

I'm sort of new to Twitter myself, a couple of bloggers I follow in the States mentioned it so I thought I'd give a go. Thanks for that link!