Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Mud and ENO.

Ran 2 miles before breakfast with a reluctant dog. Decided to nip back along the river bank, up the top of my socks in mud, was really fun once I'd got over any pretence of staying clean, shoes and legs had to be hosed in back-yard before I could come in the house. Have got my eye on these ENO cranks for my new singlespeed, hopefully getting them on Friday, so could be out for a ride on it by the weekend, only 4 months later than anticipated!  


trio said...

They look nice!

I always think running before breakfast counts as twice the distance as it is so hard! Now where are the geeky stats from the new toy????

jumbly said...

The reluctant dog and the mud made it look like a ridiculously slow run (13 minute miles) so I didn't really bother with the geeky stats.