Sunday, 12 October 2008

No sleep, no race.

Rubbish nights sleep so I rolled over for 10 more minutes when the alarm went this morning, this turned into 2 hours extra sleep! Glyn said he left me 'cos he knew I'd be too tired for racing and hoped I wasn't annoyed. He was right to leave me sleeping. Had brekkie in bed with coffee and Sunday paper and got up finally when Flipper demanded to be taken for a walk. Been for a run with Flipper this afternoon, 4 miles (10' 26" mile pace), was hard going it's quite hot out, it's always a bit slower with Flipper as there are dog related stoppages and I'm ridiculously tired even with sleeping late. I haven't slept well for a few weeks, I've got stuff on my mind and I never sleep well when I'm sub-consciously anxious, resolving the issues concerning me is all easier said than done though. 

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trio said...

Hopefully they will get resolved, not sleeping is horrible!