Sunday, 1 June 2008

Snot and hard graft

Snot machine in my head has persisted, added to by a nice cough that feels like my lungs are about to rattle out. Honestly, I feel about 102 years old, no energy, I've managed a few token shuffles out with Flipper the dog, no bike riding or running all week, just not had the respiratory capacity for it. Timing of illness colliding with end of year deadline has of course been really appreciated by me. Still here I am 11 minutes before midnight and I'm all finished. Just have to take all my work in tomorrow, hang it, and then begins 3 and a bit months of summer holiday. Well, not quite as I'm staying on at the studio for a few more weeks, I'm trying to acquire the necessary nerve to produce something to enter for the Jerwood Drawing Prize, doing that will be a bit like admitting I take my work seriously, kind of like finally deciding I'll grow up! Also coming up is my involvement with Simon Grennan of Kartoon Kings on their Bloomfield Talks project. It's a sort of oral history project based around conversations of residents of Bloomfield Ward in Blackpool. I sort of have an idea of what it's all about but I have a training session in a couple of weeks so I'll post a bit more when I know a bit more!

Anyway. Lemsip and bed.................

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