Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Snot machine

My sore throat has subsided to be replaced by a snot machine. My entire head is congested, I can't breathe properly, I can't hear properly, I can't really taste anything, not that I've got much in the way of apetite. This being the only positive, I might shift a few pounds! I had a tutorial this morning that I didn't make it in for, I tried to get up but just couldn't, Glyn sent an email on my behalf to say I was ill. I've managed a bit more sleep now and so have at least managed to scrape my head off the pillow but that has exhausted me. It's fair to say I am feeling ridiculously sorry for myself. This is made double worse by the fact that Amy has found out about a summer series Cyclo-cross race taking place tonight which I wanted to have a go at, but I think grinding my way round a field of mud in the rain isn't a good idea! I hate being ill! Blah! I have so much work to do before Monday too! Double blah!


trio said...

Rubbish, get better soon. You need to be in tip-top condition for our ride to Darwen Tower next wednesday!

jumbly said...

Ooh I'd forgotten about that! I'll write it on the calander now.