Thursday, 13 March 2008

A corner

I've been in a bit of an inspirational dip of late but a corner was turned yesterday and I finally started on some work! I've uploaded a sketchbook page. And the source of inspiration came from somebody I've never met who I've made contact with through the www. I advertised one of my old bikes on the shecycles forum, sold it to a Tina-M, who turns out to have a blog, so off I go for a nosey, the Cycling Artist. How cool? So working from home yesterday I was having a bit of a read and saw a blog entry on a certain drawing technique, scratching with a drypoint needle into water colour paper and rubbing charcoal dust into the paper afterwards. Simple but really effective. I love scratchy looking stuff, it's my sort of thing. So I have a little play, and that's it I'm off. My mental block, my internal resistance to starting some new work, my blank head, all gone.

I love the web. I love the feeling of being part of a bigger community. I've started just lately becoming a more active memeber of that community, not passively reading other peoples blogs and moving on quietly but commenting. The same of Flickr. I ask people about the stuff I see on their sites I send emails to people to say "thanks" if something in particular strikes a chord with me, inspires me, motivates me. I'm lazy with this my own blog, it gets a bit overlooked, I get a bit random with posting. I'm going to make more effort to not be that passive memeber of the cyber community.

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Tina Mammoser said...

Isn't the scratchy thing great? I love any sketching method that makes me less precious. :) Enjoy! (and you have Anthony Gormley to thank for that technique)

A bike blog *and* an art blog? What could be more perfect? Other than that fantastic studio you seem to have found. I agree on all counts: press, dog and cycle place? What more does a girl need? (other than the chocolate biscuits of course, but you have that covered) I must add you to my rss reader now. :)