Sunday, 9 March 2008

I heart 650b

Hmmmmm, this is my latest desire. A 650b wheeled single speed. I'm thinking maybe build up a Surly 1x1? I have to accept that my lack of leg length is prolly going to prohibit me becoming a 29er girl. But, I want big wheeled fun. I've contacted Arleigh at and asked for a bit of advice on building up a bigger wheeled 1x1 as she's done it. And, I've found Trev at rock star racing, a local 650b fan who can source wheels, and maybe frames. I can see this becoming more than just an idea. I may have to sarifice my current singlespeed though, all compatible bits might have to move over to save a few pennies and I have serious doubts I could sneak another whole bike in past Glyn!

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