Thursday, 13 March 2008

OK and Bokor and Digestives

Just been in to OK Studios in Standish to sort out my placement. So nice. Made me feel really welcome. They've cleared an area for me to work in, which is plenty big enough. I've got access to print making facilities which is good. Might have a go at some dry point and maybe some collograph pieces, definitely do some monoprints. Be mad not too make use of it. There is a studio dog and somewhere secure to store my bike, so pretty damn perfect as far as I'm concerned.

Also, ordered a bargainous Bokor frame Sideways cycles. As recommended by Trev as 650b suitable. Going to build it up as much as possible by myself, good challenge I think.

All this and chocolate digestives on special offer at Bottom Co-op. Does life get any better?


trio25 said...

You have bought another frame??????

jumbly said...

Hmmmm yes, it just sort of happened by accident.

Chris Bellinger said...

came accross your blog via the Cycling artist,
Noticed that you are a second year art Student, same here doing Fine art as a mature student,
where are you doing your degree, would be interested to heare if attendence in studio is compulsory where i am its not so is very poor most of the time

jumbly said...

Hi Chris

I'm at the School of Art and Design in Blackpool. Studio attendance was compulsory for the first year and first semester of second year. It's not mandatory now so attendance has slipped right down. We still have a small amount of mandatory contact time. We're all in the prcoess of starting professional practice placements so that will mess normal attandance up even more.