Friday, 21 September 2007

more physio this week

I had more physio yesterday and was able to get nearly 4 miles run in the afternoon, treatment seems to be working. Hope to get a ride in over the weekend, not done much on the bike this week mainly because I've been focusing on the running. I'm feeling fairly optimistic now about the duathlon. I'm also looking at the dates on fun2tri thinking about doing the run part of a swim/run relay with Di. I'll see how the knee continues to hold out. My weight loss plan hasn't even started with a phenomenal amount of pie being consumed yesterday, belly like Homer at the moment! Need to get a grip, especially if more races lined up!

Start back at Uni on Monday, looking forward to getting back to it now. Better jot a few more of my ideas down so I've got something a bit more concrete to show Nick and Norman 'cos we're bound to be having tutorials as soon as we start. Might also have a flick through Art in Theory and get a bit of a feel for some post-modernism jargon before critical studies starts.

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