Monday, 21 May 2007


Done a few rides through the woods by the canal on the way to Wigan golf club. Loads of bluebells, really pretty. Today peeled off and tried a trail I'd not done before, really fun, had to ride through a stream. Then I ran out of trail right down by the River Douglas, doesn't even look as if it's even walked that often, just got too grown over to continue, I got off and pushed for a bit to see if I could find a way through but ended up turning back. Loads of bramble scratches on my legs, lucky really not to have got a puncture considering what I was pushing through.

Played around a bit today when I got back practising bunny hops. Not tried to bunny hop since I was last on a BMX, so that's over 20 years! First few were a bit crap but soon got into the swing of it, really good fun.

I've been neglecting my running a bit this week, I'll have to find time for a few miles tomorrow. Would have gone out today, but trying to get my digital imaging work done for Uni, all taking way longer than I expected so having to put the time in to meet deadline. I'll sort out posting some work up here or at least sorting out updating my website. Watch this space.

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