Tuesday 26 June 2012


Wowzers! I am very overdue an update.

So, the gallbladder removal went mostly ok. A small complication of a few escaped stones into the common bile duct. The surgeons did all they could to retrieve the pesky buggers, cut out and clipped a bit more duct than they anticipated and have left me with the possibility of a remaining stone. To have guaranteed getting every last stone they would have had to abandon the keyhole procedure and open me right up. I'm glad they opted against that. Of course it means I may have further trouble and need a second procedure, but that would most likely be laparoscopic. I have a list of symptoms to keep an eye out for.

Surgery took place on March 14th. I was back on a bike on March 28th. VERY gently and only a mile or so. April 1st saw the start of 30 Days of Biking. And I managed that. Some of the rides were incredibly short. But it seemed a good way to start getting some fitness back. End of April saw me start running again. That's been a bit sporadic, longest run so far has been 13 miles, which was quite hurty. It's Saunders in 2 weeks time and I reckon I'll get round. Having a race partner who is recovering from a broken foot has taken the pressure off needing to be fast, so that's helped.

I started training with a PT from May 1st. Helen whose Boot Camp sessions I did back in January agreed to take me on as a client. Two sessions a week with her, guidance on sessions to do by myself and lots of dietary pointers. I've ditched something like 14lb and 5% body fat. I've never felt stronger.

Tomorrow sees me doing an ONRAMP session at 3D Crossfit in Manchester. I'm nervous. But in a good way, feel the fear and do it anyway! A new thing to try. Maybe I'll even blog about it!

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Thursday 19 January 2012


Slight spanner in the works. In the form of suspected gallstones. I've been having on and off abdominal pain for a while now. A couple of times the pain has been the sort that has you on the floor whimpering. Finally took myself to the GP. Gallstones are number one candidate. Waiting for a scan to confirm. If confirmed, possible that me and my gall bladder will part company.

Despite this I'm still making progress. Being poorly means I've missed a couple of training runs, but, my running is now at the 5 mile mark. I've also missed 2 sessions of training at nogymrequired, but I'm still enjoying that, and definitely feeling the benefit. Yoga has started up again and I'm enjoying getting a really good stretch out once a week. I've also had the bike out for the first pedal of the year. 

On balance. More good than bad!

Thursday 12 January 2012

Minus 3

Oh yes! 3lb gone in my first week of nogymrequired training. And most importantly, as my body fat % is less, I know it's 3lbs of useless fat that's gone. I had to actually cinch my belt a bit tighter this morning. The training is working and the good thing is I'm really enjoying it. It's 30-60 minute sessions, so it's no great trauma fitting it in and the atmosphere at sessions is really encouraging, both from Helen (the trainer) and other participants. I like going. And, I like the results I'm seeing.

I think feeling so positive about my general fitness is having a really good knock on effect to my running. I'm still only at 3 x 3 milers a week (starts upping from this weekend), but I'm mentally in the right place to pull on my trainers and get out the door and only do what the plan says. No being silly.

Running definitely keeps me sane and makes me more productive in other areas of my life. Consequently I'm feeling really good about my studio work and feel like some opportunities are opening up.

12 days into the New Year and so far so good!

Friday 6 January 2012

Drawing a line

Hmmm, how have I not blogged since November. I am such a slacker. I think all in I'm drawing a line under 2011. It feels like I spent more of the year injured than not. Running the HPM was literally the high peak of the year. It seems like I never really recovered. With being injured came lot of self pity and moping about and finding solace in biscuits. None of which helped.

But, New Year. New start. Head definitely in the right place. I've entered the 2012 FoD half marathon on April 1st. I'm starting my running as if a beginner, building the miles up very slowly. The first few 3 mile runs have gone ok. I'm hoping this slow and steady approach will keep injury away. The other tactic is to actually work on my strength. I've known for a while that my core strength isn't as sparkly as it could be. It really took a visit to Mills Physio to properly bring home to me how much better a runner I could be with a bit strength work added to the mix. It was also pointed out to me that my gluteus was far from maximus. The gym never seems to work for me, too boring and yoga helps but doesn't do enough. So, I've bitten the bullet and signed up on a training plan at No Gym Required. The bonus of making some muscle is I'll also lose some fat, needed after the huge biscuit consumption of 2011. Have been for 3 sessions so far. Hard! But, good. Really made me work. Got a nutrition plan to follow for the month too. So far, so good. More updates to come. Just need to find a bit of time for the odd pedal out too and everything will be dandy.

So, that's me back blogging, and really looking forward to getting fit again in 2012. Happy New Year!

Friday 11 November 2011

2 lots of 1.5

Finally. Running again. Two little jogs out this week. Only 1.5 miles each. But, feels good to be on the way back to being a runner. Will be taking it very steady. Plans for early 2012 are already changed, definitely no HPM for me, too much to go from less than zero to 42 miles in only 4 months. Aiming to be really back to full fitness for Saunders Mountain Marathon in July.

All good though.

Thursday 20 October 2011

Still sore

The leg is improving, but it's still not fully mended. I've been on the bike, 10 miles and done one yoga class. Struggling to know what I should and shouldn't try and do, want to start getting fit again, don't want to over do it and be right back at broken.

My biscuit and baking skills are coming on a treat!

All for now.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Moving on.

I didn't mean to abandon the blog! I've just been a bit grumpy round the edges. The leg went for a second opinion. Two physios in total agreement. Adductor muscles torn, leg impinged. Soft tissue damage just needs time. The marathon obviously didn't happen.

It's now just over 3 weeks since I hurt myself. I'm walking pain free. I think I could happily ride a bike now, even that hasn't been an option. Running will be another couple weeks off. And I intend to start back very gently. 

Things this injury and some extra physio sessions have taught me......... I don't run properly. I'm not using my core and glutes, potentially I could run further or faster!? Or at least run the same distance and speed but end up with less injury if my legs were mostly propelling me forward instead of flailing about all over the place. I've got exercises to do. And, I'll be signing up for a pose running course to try and learn a better running technique. I'm starting to realise why I keep picking up running injuries and how to prevent it happening. 

My head is ready to run, I've bought some new trainers, as soon as the leg says yes, we're on the way to being a better runner.