Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Renewed interest

I'm hoping my renewed interest in my running will also cause a renewed interest in my blogging. Sorry for general lack of posts lately.

Marathon training officially started again this week. 3 miles last night. So that's 14 weeks to turn 3 miles into 26.2. Assuming the injury pixie stays away I think that's doable. I'm using an online Asics training plan, they've worked for me in the past. 3 runs a week, mixed in with some biking and yoga. Enough running to get the miles in, not so much to break myself, that's the plan anyway. This will be the third marathon I've trained for, let's hope I actually make it to the start line this time. Always thinking that next stage ahead. This series has caught my eye after being mentioned by @rubenlightfoot on twitter. Reckon I fancy a few coastal runs. In Winter. Love it!


Julbags said...

Ooh, which marathon? I did three runs a week training for my marathon, any more and something would have broken.

jumbly said...

Kielder. 9th Oct. Last time I tried I was doing 4 runs a week. I think it's one too many.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Yay more blog posts!

Jumbly, I can't reply to your posts no idea why.

trio said...

Yes don't get injured. Ali's last marathon was three runs a week and at one point they were short and we were doing endurance on the bike due to injury and it went okay.

Before you get too speedy you must take me running again I enjoyed sunday.