Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Update on stuff

Trip to Sweden went well. I was worried it would be all hospital bedsides and anxiety. But it was actually like having a little, very lovely holiday. My Dad got out of hospital the evening before we flew so was at home, which was nicer for him. He was and still is doing really well, even rode his bike a bit this week, just 3 weeks after the op. Chapeau Papa!

Five days of "holiday" somehow resulted in me gaining a kilo. Not good. I've managed a couple of runs since I got back and a half day yoga workshop, not been on the bike though as it's been pissing down and I've gone a bit fair weather only. Must sort myself out. Saunders MM is looming on the horizon, and this makes me think my team mate has gone all grrrr and super fit!


kate said...

that's such great news about your dad. glad your trip full of laughter and fun :)
...grrrrrr ;)

Jane said...

So pleased your dad is doing well. I think that bivvy was evidence of stupidity rather than super fitness - anyone can get all tired and dehydrated!

But I've not forgotten your promise to do hill reps ;)